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Photo: Juan Medina / Reuters
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Today is the day when all will be decided. We finish our countdown with the panel’s predictions for the game and hopes for next season. COYS! 

This is the panel: Theo Delaney is the host of a Spurs podcast, Paul Smith is the host of a Spurs website, Rob White is the son of Spurs legend John White, and Micky Hazard and David Howells used to play in our famous shirt. 



Erlend: - With Liverpool chasing Manchester City in the league, ending up second with 97 points, can we beat them? What is your prediction for the final?

David Howells: - 2-0 Spurs!

Micky Hazard: - Yes, of course we can beat them. We have done it before and we will do it again. They are a very good side and it will be very tough but we have the ammunition to win. It’s going to be an amazing occasion and I can’t wait. 

- Better odds than in earlier rounds

Paul Smith: - Liverpool are good at coming second! Of course it is going to be a difficult game, but with key players such as Vertonghen, Kane and Winks hopefully all fit, Mauricio will have a plan to beat Liverpool, and I have to say we can win. Let’s say 2-1!

Theo Delaney: - Of course we can beat them. We were slightly the better side the last time we played them losing to a silly giveaway goal in the last seconds at Anfield. On the flip side they were better than us at Wembley in the earlier in the season. I see it as a 50/50 game - better odds than in the City and Ajax ties.

Rob White: - Doubtless Liverpool are a very dangerous side, with a lethal forward line. I think that their two full backs are exceptional, and will pose problems, but yes of course we can beat them. We will need all of our players to play to the maximum of their ability, with full belief, and maybe a little luck. My prediction is of course that we will win. My hope is that after the two unbelievable semi-finals, this doesn’t prove to be a boring and tactical battle. Whatever happens it’s important to believe that even with 60 seconds on the clock, we still have a chance!

- Keep progressing 

Erlend: - What are your hopes for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for the 2019/20 season?

Paul Smith: - Like all Spurs fans I suspect, I hope for two or three major signings. A right back, a defensive midfielder and a playmaker/goalscorer. I hope for the maintenance of at least a top four place, and perhaps a better challenge for the title. I would dearly like an FA Cup Final win. Watford hadn’t been in the final for 35 years. For Spurs it is 28 years and counting. For a club like Spurs that is a shameful record in my view. I am looking forward to a positive influence of a full season in our magnificent new stadium!

David Howells: - To retain The Champions League!

Rob White: - I hope that in the 2019/2020 season we manage to retain the Champions League trophy as part of an historic quadruple.

Theo Delaney: - To keep progressing. Challenge for the Premier League title and have another good run in the Champions League. Pochettino is very ambitious. He believes we can achieve great things - who am I to argue?

Micky Hazard: - My hopes are that we start the season off as Champions of Europe. This will give us the confidence to know we can beat anybody. From there we will grow and anything is possible. The league title should be our aim and with one or two very good additions it’s certainly in our grasp. Looking forward to it – COYSSSSS! 


Photo David Howells: Action Images. 
Photo Micky Hazard: John Sibley/Reuters. 

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